About Zoot Scooters


We are an Australian-owned and run company with 30 years experience in the local and international automotive business. We have vast knowledge in the manufacturing and servicing of scooters, and are constantly growing our manufacturing base to produce scooters in various engine sizes and styles.

Our Zoot Scooters are designed to be reliably made, stylish, and affordably priced since 2004. Sold in Australia, we’re blessed to also have a great service network for all your support and service needs. In fact, as a manufacturer, we have supervised the production and quality control in excess of 3,000 scooters, ranging from 50cc to 250cc.

Our Zoot Scooters are manufactured in our factory in China, and meet all Australian design and manufacture accreditations. This means riders with a standard South Australian car licence* can legally ride our 50cc scooters on the road. And if you have any customer service or scooter servicing needs, call our local sales and service team on 08 7079 8355.

Visit our Lonsdale or Wingfield showrooms where we keep our overheads low, meaning we can pass the savings onto you!


Talk to us soon about your new Zoot Scooter!