About Zoot Scooters


Zoot Australia is an Australian owned company. We have been involved in the automotive business both locally and internationally for over 30 years and have a vast knowledge of sales and service requirements. We are constantly in contact with our manufacturing base and have access to an ever growing range of engine size and styles.

Zoot Scooters are imported scooter/motorcycles that are reliably made, stylish and affordably priced. They have been sold in Australia for the last 15 years and have a reliable service network for all support and service needs.

Zoot Scooters are manufactured in China and have achieved all Australian design and manufacture accreditations with the 50cc models drivable on a car license in South Australia*. We have a local sales and service team that are pleased to talk with you anytime about all aspects of the scooters.

Come and visit our Lonsdale showroom where we keep our overheads low so we can pass the savings onto you!


Talk to us soon about your new Zoot Scooter!