Motor Scooters For Sale

Have you ever curiously browsed through motor scooters for sale? Although our Zoot Scooters are manufactured in China, we’re a proudly owned and operated Australian company. We’ve overseen the production and quality control of over 3,000 scooters, so we know that you’re driving away with pure luxury. Zoot Scooters are best known for their boutique street appeal, affordability, high-powered 2-stroke engines and overall reliability. There’s truly no better way to get from A to B, with each vehicle boasting a 30km per litre fuel economy. We’ve seen multiple brands and models come out over the years, but Zoot have a unique style and brand ethos that drives us to be Adelaide’s best. We can think of at least 10 reasons why a scooter is a smart investment this Summer, so turn in your vehicle and have a look through our range of motor scooters for sale.

motor scooters for sale

Why you should switch up your car for a scooter this summer

The financial freedom and less dependence on public transport are consistently the biggest reasons our customers are buying scooters. The healthy rush of adrenalin you get when riding one of our zippy scooters in the summer is equally captivating. There’s simply no vehicle that offers a better driving experience with the fresh wind in your face! Our range of scooters offers something for everyone’s driving needs, starting with the cream of the crop; the Zoot Milan! With its Italian-inspired design, it’s become the most desired model of the range. All of our 50cc scooters are priced under $3,000, starting with the Zoot City at just $1995 drive away! Making the transition from a car to a scooter easy is that there are no additional licences or qualifications needed, just a standard car licence. Our motor scooters for sale won’t last long, so get in touch with us today!

What you need to look for in your next scooter

In addition to our excellent motor scooters for sale, we pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and experience. By working with engines for the past 30 years, in addition to 15 years of manufacturing our own scooters, we know exactly what makes a top-quality scooter. When purchasing your scooter, you should be looking for fuel economy, exterior durability, engine, and size of the scooter. Our scooters are designed to travel 30km per litre of fuel, more than double a car’s fuel economy. We also recommend scooter exteriors built from quality steel to protect the scooter’s body better if an incident occurs. Opting for a 2-stroke engine over the 4-stroke is also a smart move 2-stroke engines are less prone to wear and tear. Zoot Scooters are your one-stop shop when it comes to motor scooters for sale, so get Zooting today!


When looking at motor scooters for sale, there are a variety of factors you should take into account. Our team of technicians are happy to give you some advice about which scooters suits your lifestyle best. So if you’re feeling like it’s time for a refresh, Zoot are the local scooter manufacturers for you.

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