Moped for Sale Brisbane

Why should you scope out a moped for sale in Brisbane? Living in a Metropolitan area is great, but unfortunately, it also comes with the cons of heavy traffic, expensive parking, and less car space overall — which can compromise your vehicle security. A moped is a fantastic way to counteract these issues while minimizing your fuel expenses. Zoot Scooters has established a fantastic reputation, supplying the best value for money mopeds on the market. Our range has been specifically designed to accommodate the busy lifestyles of our customers. They enable greater flexibility, significantly cut running & maintenance costs, have a lower greenhouse gas impact on the environment, and are incredibly easy to ride thanks to the “twist-and-go” automatic throttle accelerator (that means you can stall it!). Choose your scooter’s colour & accessories, take it for a test drive, and simply ride away! We have a Moped for sale in Brisbane for everyone!

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Finding the Right Moped for Sale Brisbane

If you’re interested in a moped for sale in Brisbane, our professionals will provide sound advice and educate you on the mechanics to help you make informed purchasing decisions. Our pricing generally starts at $1995 drive away — making our products an incredibly affordable investment for students and the general public. In more detail, here’s an introduction to some of our popular picks from the range:

Zoot City: The Zoot City has sat at the forefront of the Zoot Scooters range for years. It’s a practical, economical, and stylish moped with a 50cc engine ideal for first-time riders.

Zoot Metro: We introduced Zoot Metro to the range to accommodate the demand for a slightly larger moped model. It has fantastic storage, dual halogen lights and boasts an appealing sporty exterior. Still sitting at 50cc, this moped for sale Brisbane has become increasingly popular.

Some of The Features You Can Expect

The economy should be one of the first points of consideration when looking at a moped for sale in Brisbane. Our scooters travel 30km per litre of fuel, so with a fuel tank capacity of 5.5 litres (with Zoot City, for example), you get excellent coverage for an average of $7. All our models have 2-person seating, enabling you to travel safely and confidently with passengers. They’re equipped with under-seat storage, and most also come with the option of additional carry-boxes, which is ideal for travel to and from work. The best part about the Zoot Scooters range is the diversity of our mopeds. While we have the smaller 50cc models with 2-stroke engines, we also have models with more powerful displacements like the Zoot Milan, which is 125cc and has a 4-stroke engine. Regardless of which moped you purchase, you’ll be covered with a 2-year / 10,000km warranty for peace of mind!


Make the right change for your lifestyle by starting with a moped for sale Brisbane. With more financial freedom and overall enjoyment, it’ll be an investment you won’t regret! Contact us for more information on (08) 7079 8355 or send us an online enquiry to arrange your free test ride.

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