Motor Scooters for Sale Melbourne

When searching for motor scooters for sale Melbourne, you want to make sure there’s no compromise during the purchasing process. That’s why we have a diverse range of premium options to suit the varied lifestyles and design preferences of our customers. Here’s a peak into the range!

Zoot City: The Zoot City is a small statured scooter with a 2-stroke engine that delivers plenty of power. It’s the ideal way to get from A to B, with a fantastic fuel economy that’ll get you 200km for roughly $7!

Zoot Milan: For the ideal mix of style and power, the Zoot Milan is a 150cc scooter with a 4-stroke engine that can reach up to speeds of up to 80km/h. The slightly larger body comes in a stylish grey with chrome appointments; boasting European appeal. We also have the Zoot Suburban & Zoot Metro to scope out!

Motor Scooters for Sale Melbourne

Additional benefits of purchasing from Zoot Scooters

While chatting to our professionals about our motor scooters for sale Melbourne, make sure to ask about our parts and accessories. Because in addition to replacement parts, we stock a number of products like helmets, jackets, gloves, top boxes and security devices to optimise your safety and overall riding experience. Even components like seats and handlebars can be supplied and fitted for a more custom look and feel. As automotive specialists, we only ever sell brands that we know and trust. And like any form of transportation, staying on top of servicing is vital to maintaining the performance of your scooter. We put client education at the forefront of our service and give you all the information you need to know before you hit the road. Have a chat with us about what can be done with your favourite motor scooters for sale Melbourne!

About the #1 Motor Scooters for Sale Melbourne

Our motor scooters for sale Melbourne have evolved with the business to ensure our customers have access to the most economic, reliable and stylish products on the market. Our founder has over 30 years’ experience in the automotive industry, and that experience means you have complete assurance every part of our scooters is made with trusted Australian quality. Since 2004 we’ve overseen the quality control and sale of over 3,000 scooters. This is a massive achievement for our SA owned and operated business! And the positive feedback we’ve received from customers is a reassuring testament to the value of our range. The best part about Zoot Scooters is accessibility — anyone with a standard driver’s license can legally ride our 50cc scooters! Our customers also get direct access to the manufacturer for any servicing and maintenance needs. Chat with our professionals about our motor scooters for sale Melbourne today!

On the search for motor scooters for sale Melbourne that fit your lifestyle criteria? Call us on (08) 7079 8355 to chat with the automotive experts at Zoot Scooters today. Amongst our premium range, we’re bound to have the one for you!

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