50cc Scooters

Is your car costing you too much between repayments, petrol, maintenance, and new parts? 50cc Scooters are an excellent two-wheel alternative to relieve financial pressure on your daily commute. Our Zoot Scooter range offers three excellent scooter alternatives, each uniquely inspired by different motor eras. All of our scooters are below $3000 and boast 6-litre fuel tanks with a 30km per litre economy. This makes them incredibly affordable to run, particularly if you’re travelling around the inner metropolitan areas. We have designed our scooters with enough storage to fit your helmet, with the option of additional compartments in your need. Not only is parking and storage super easy thanks to our slim designs, but moving them around is a breeze. Our 50cc scooters offer something for everyone, and we’re proud to bring our modern, stylish and reliable scooters to you.

50CC Scooters

The Range

The Zoot Scooter range consists of three 50cc scooter styles: the Milan, Metro, and City. The Zoot City is an upgraded version of the Zoot 505 and comes in white & black. It’s the most affordable option within the range and doesn’t compromise on quality, while its sleek and slim design makes it easy to store. Impressively, it has the same powerful 2-stroke engine as its sister vehicles – this is an advancement on the traditional higher maintenance 4-stroke engine. The Zoot Metro is a slightly larger vehicle than the City, giving it a feeling of extra stability and a sports appeal for high street impact. There are blue, green, red, white & black options with red detailing available for the Metro. Thirdly, the Zoot Milan is a stylish Vespa-inspired scooter available in black, white, crimson & marine blue. This compact 50cc scooter has modern features, including a USB charge point and digital clock on its high-vis dashboard.

Why Zoot?

All 50cc scooters in our range offer comfort, style, durability and are really affordable to run. The best part about purchasing a 50cc scooter is that there is no additional licensing required if you already have a standard driver’s licence. Our company has overseen the quality control of thousands of vehicles during our 30 years in the industry, meaning we know exactly how to get you, the customer, the safest & best ride possible. Better yet, if your Zoot Scooter ever needs replacements or repairs, we keep share parts in stock at our workshop, including new tyres! Our scooters are all compliant with Australian-design and manufacturing accreditations, which is why we have the best scooters in Adelaide. To find out more, visit our showroom in Lonsdale to test drive the scooter that best reflects your style. Turn a new leaf in style with a Zoot 50cc scooter!


Our scooters are the perfect vehicles for people who anyone wanting a cheaper daily commute. We’ve tailored the design for street appeal, and above all, the practicality that wins our customers over every time. With easy storage & parking, incredible fuel economy, and on-board storage to boot, get Zooting on your 50cc Scooter today!