What is the difference between a Moped and a Scooter?

The Moped 

We sell two types of scooter. The first is classed as a Moped. That’s a Scooter with an engine size of less than 50cc and speed limited to 50kmph. 

Mopeds can be ridden on a car licence in SA NT QLD & WA. You don’t need a motorbike licence to ride a Moped in these states.

Mopeds are great for that short trip to work, school or the shops. You are mostly riding on 50/60kmph roads, avoiding higher speed road sections and holding up traffic. They are a great alternative to public transport, letting you set your own timetable.

We also get a lot of people buying Mopeds for holiday homes, where they leave the car in the garage, get out and about without building up a sweat. You will see them on the back of motor homes and anywhere it’s hard to get a park. They are fun to ride and cheap to own.

The Scooter

The other type is just called a Scooter, over 50cc and not speed limited. You need a motorcycle licence to ride a Scooter in all Australian States. Most Scooter engines start at 125cc and will achieve speeds of 80-90kmph depending on the terrain.

Some like our Zoot Suburban have larger wheels than a Moped and weigh a bit more, giving you a smoother and more stable ride. Scooters are great for that long commute, especially if you must travel on higher speed roads.

Scooters, unlike a motorbike, have a step-through floor section, so you don’t have to swing your leg over the seat. This has the added benefit of keeping you close to the ground and balanced when stopping or dismounting; you can simply step off your scooter.

All our Scooters and Mopeds are Automatic. There are no gears. You simply twist & go, unlike a motorbike where you must master a clutch and then change through the gears as you move away. Simply twist the throttle, and you’re on your way. This alleviates the anxiety and stress that comes with riding in traffic.

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