Scooters Similar to Vespa

Have you been looking for scooters similar to a Vespa?
We’re not surprised! These beautifully designed scooters are iconic worldwide. They’re also growing in popularity in Australia as an alternative to cars because they’re so stylish, affordable, and incite a sense of freedom when ridden.
We have now introduced our very own take on the Vespa, titled the Zoot Milan. It captures the style and sophistication of the traditional Vespa in a fiery red while maintaining the features Zoot Scooters are known for. This includes the 30km per litre of fuel economy, a sleek design, convenient storability, and a robust and durable body. We have been manufacturing vehicles for Australians for 15 years, and we’re proud now to give the people of Adelaide a chance to Zoot around in Vespa style. So if you’re looking for scooters similar to Vespa, visit our Lonsdale showroom or you can shop online!

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About the Zoot Range

As well as producing scooters similar to Vespa, we have a great range of sleek and sporty models to accommodate the needs of all consumers. Our scooters are priced under $3000 to allow everyone to experience the simple and affordable life associated with owning a scooter. Our other models, Zoot City and Zoot Metro, are both sturdy, economic, and look great. Our original model, the Zoot City, has evolved into a sleek, compact and stylish vehicle. 

The Zoot Metro is slightly larger, drives very smoothly, and navigates around built-up areas with ease. This model boasts a sports appeal with red detailing on its sides. If you think scooters similar to Vespa might be a good choice for you, we’ll take you through our range to see which best fits you! 

What’s so great about owning a Scooter?

Transitioning to a scooter is easier than you think, and you’ll reap the benefits for years come. On top of affordability, the scooter’s small tank and even more impressive fuel economy means you won’t spend anywhere near a much filling up with petrol. The Milan’s compact design also makes them ideal for people who have tiny or no garage space at all. Our scooters are incredibly fun to ride and offer genuine freedom that makes riding on warm days an absolute joy. If you’ve been contemplating the move to scooters, now’s the time to make your move. You can’t go wrong with our reliable Zoot Scooters! Get in touch today, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.


Transitioning to a scooter is a smart investment all round, with no compromise on quality or experience. Our scooters are designed for the everyday commuter, helping you get the most—for less! Try our scooters similar to Vespa today and call us on (08) 7079 8355.

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