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We have over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry and have experience dealing with both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. This experience allows us to give the best advice going around for all things power and performance-related for your scooter. We sold our products in Adelaide for over 15 years and have full accreditation from the Department of Transport and Regional Resources as manufacturers. With our scooters made overseas, we have overseen the production and quality control of more than 3,000 scooters, ensuring our high-quality standards are met absolutely everywhere. As we have access to leading-edge design and technology, we’re able to implement great features and design details to our Zoot Scooters. All of our scooters are road-ready and come with a 2-year / 10,000km warranty upon purchase. I highly recommend checking out our range and see which scooter best suits you.

Zoot Metro beach

The influence behind Zoot Milan

Have you been searching for a moped for sale? Zoot Milan might be for you. Motor Scooters were introduced to the European scene in 1914, offering a cheaper alternative to the automobile. Their popularity escalated following World War 2, when the world’s most popular scooter, the Vespa, was first introduced. Deriving from the Italian word for “wasp”, many were in awe of the Vespa’s boutique, pressed-steel unibody, which neatly hides the engine. Even today, the Vespa continues to influence designs all over the world, including ours at Zoot. Our Zoot Milan fully encapsulates the quality and appeal of the Vespa, but with added functionality, efficiency and power. Zoot Milan is compact, easy to park, cheap to run and filled with street appeal. Our Zoot Milan mopeds tap into old school trends; with a nod to the new.

Other styles in the Zoot range

The Zoot Metro stands out as the sporty moped for sale. It was initially designed as a 125cc scooter but was remodelled due to the high demand for a larger 50cc model. With its powerful 2-stroke engine and larger wheels for a smoother ride, this model boasts a sturdy, masculine look. This model also includes dual halogen front lights, combining different motor trends to create a unique sporty look. The Zoot City has been a long-running design in the Zoot Scooter range, once known as the Zoot 505. It has a more sleek, simple look compared to the other two popular models and is the most affordable out of the three. Nonetheless, this reliable scooter has the same powerful 2-stroke engine, large under-seat storage and a high-quality rating which our technicians at Zoot Scooters always oversee. A modish, modern moped for sale under two grand: why wouldn’t you?


At Zoot Scooters, we’re proud of the quality, style and efficiency of our scooters. No matter what style & size you want, we have a moped for sale for everyone. By drawing inspiration from all sorts of eras and motor styles right across the world, we’ve brought you Australia’s favourite economic mode of transport.

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