Scooters For Sale

Zoot Scooter is an Australian owned manufacturer that has brought a wide range of stylish, reliable, and affordable scooters in Adelaide to the market.

You have a fair choice of motor scooters in Australia, ranging from 50cc to 150cc. 10 years in the making, the Zoot Scooters brand has risen to the point that according to the Motor Trade Association, we were the highest selling scooter company last year! We put this success all down to our combination of style, accessories, and very affordable prices.

Everyone has a style & size that suits their lifestyle, so we encourage you to check out our Zoot range, including the City, Metro and Milan 50, Suburban & Milan 150. Each of these scooters brings something unique to the table, so taking them for a test ride will make it easier for you to decide which one to choose.

Zoot Metro white beach

What Kind of Zooter Are You?

We have an excellent range of motor scooters for sale; if you’re not sure which Zoot suits you, read below:

Zoot City

The Zoot City evolved from our original scooter, the Zoot 505. It’s a convenient way to make your way around with plenty of under-seat storage to hold your work gear. It’s lightweight, and customers have the choice of either 10 or 12-inch alloy wheels for manageability.

Zoot Metro

The Zoot Metro is a slightly larger and more extravagant 50cc alternative to the Zoot City. It’s designed to look sporty and powerful, but it’s equally as economical with a 2-stroke engine.

Zoot Milan

Influenced by European motor trends, the Zoot Milan is an elegant vehicle with an easy-read dashboard, LED rear tail-light and an under-seat USB charging port. It’s an incredibly stylish way to get around and has quickly become one of our popular models.

The Benefits of choosing a Zoot Scooter

With greater interest in our scooters for sale, Adelaide SA comes greater responsibility. Our fully armed service team is equipped to fine-tune your scooter for its yearly service. We are also able to ship our scooters right across Australia, thanks to our dedicated supply team.

Ultimately, with your new scooter, you’ll enjoy the advantages it brings:

Quick travel

Motor scooters in Australia can weave in and out of traffic the same way motorbikes do, which means you can always make your way to the front of the queue during slow-moving traffic.

Smaller carbon footprint

A smaller engine means less fuel is needed to power it, which is good for both the conscience and the bank.

Street appeal

Scooters are quickly becoming a popular alternative, and with all the additional features, they’re both practical and trendy.

Hardly any parking room needed.

Scooters are effortless to store, with little to no garage space necessary. If you lack space at home, speak to our staff to get all the details on our scooters for sale Adelaide.


Our scooters for sale are an excellent way to get around town at little cost, and with our great selection of models, we can help you find a style to suit you. Zoot scooters aren’t just practical, but they’ve fast become a lifestyle statement which gives you more freedom in your day to day.

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