Frequently Asked Questions

What fuel should I use in my Zoot Scooter?

Use 95 Octane unleaded fuel.

Important: Do not use E10 or 91 Octane fuel.

Do I have to mix the oil & petrol like the old two stroke Scooters?

There is NO measuring or mixing necessary thanks to our industry-leading oil injection system, which is fitted to all 50cc Zoot Scooters. Simply fill the fuel tank up with 95 Octane unleaded fuel, and the scooter will mix the fuel & oil together all by itself.

What are your trading hours?
Do you have parking at your Unley & Lonsdale stores?

Unley Parking:

Yes, there is parking at the rear of our Unley Road showroom.

Enter via the driveway at 10 Unley Road or at the rear via Park Lane.

If you are towing a trailer, please enter via park lane and drive through the open roller door. You can exit via Unley Road, no need to reverse or turn around.


Lonsdale Parking:

We have plenty of off-street parking at our Lonsdale warehouse. With plenty of space to turn around your trailer or even a truck inside our secure premises.

Do I need a motorbike licence to ride a 50cc scooter?

As of October 2018, In South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia, you don’t need a special licence to ride a 50cc Scooter if you have one for the car. Please visit your State Government authority to get all the detail.

Can I ride a scooter with a car learners permit?

No, you need a driver’s licence or provisional driver’s licence to ride a moped.

Learners in South Australia, Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia must pass a riding test and obtain a RD Learners Permit before they can legally ride a moped.

Can I purchase a Scooter and take it that day?

Yes. If the Scooter you want is on the showroom floor, you can take it with you that day.

What oil should I use in my Two Stroke scooter?

Use a good quality, Semi-Synthetic or full Synthetic low smoke, 2T Scooter oil.

Do not use cheap 2T oil designed for chainsaws or boats – this could cause damage to the scooter.

Important: do not mix oil with fuel; simply add to the oil bottle when dash light comes on.

When does my scooter need to have its first service?

Your scooter’s first service is critical and must be performed between 300km – 500km. A failure to do so will void the scooter’s warranty.

Service charges apply.

What warranty comes with my Zoot Scooter?

All Zoot Scooters come with a 2-year / 10,000km warranty.*

How should I start the scooter?

Follow this procedure when starting up the scooter:

  1. Place bike on its main stand
  2. Move the side-stand into an upright position
  3. Place the kill switch into “Run” position
  4. Turn the ignition key on
  5. Hold either brake lever
  6. Press the starter button
Do you sell helmets, gloves & other accessories?

Yes we have a large range of Helmets, Gloves, Shoes, Jackets and much more available online or in store.

Do you sell tyres?

Yes, we sell and fit Scooter tyres.

Is there free parking for my scooter in Adelaide, and where can I find it?

Within the CBD and in North Adelaide there are 1,000 free on-street parking spaces designated specifically for motorcycles and scooters. For more information & a map of where these free parks are, please check out the City of Adelaide Motorcycle Parking page,

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