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Zoot Scooters boasts a modern range of the best scooters in Adelaide. With decades of experience, we know exactly how to help our customers find the perfect scooter for their needs. Our City, Metro, Milan, and Suburban scooters have all been designed for different styles & driving preferences, meaning regardless if you want to use your scooter for leisure, travel, or everyday commuting, we have at least one scooter suited perfectly to you. If your car is too expensive to continue running, upgrade to sleeker, more affordable, and significantly more economical. We undoubtedly have the most reliable, stylish, and the best scooters in Adelaide, complemented by competitive prices and all-around friendly service.

Scooters Adelaide

Need The Best Scooters Adelaide

If you cruise the city streets a lot of work in small parcel deliveries, the City is ideal for you. Our scooters have evolved to include all the great cost-saving features you expect from Zoot, Best Scooters Adelaide. A redesigned engine with a new self-mixing 2-stroke engine has added power to the Zoot City, enhancing its efficiency and reliability. The City also features plenty of under-seat storage to add practicality to match its high street appeal. The Zoot City is compact, easy to park, durable, sleek, and quick, making it fun to ride around the city streets. To learn more about the City, get in touch with Zoot Scooters Adelaide and take one for a test drive.

What you need to look for in your next scooter

If the Zoot City isn’t quite the statement scooter you’re looking for; the Zoot Metro could be the ideal fit. It’s larger and features a bit more on-board space for riders. There is enough storage with the rear carry box to fit a full-face helmet, while the high-vis dashboard and dual halogen front lights give this model its sports appeal. Similarly re-designed with a new and improved 2-stroke engine, the Metro has a 30km per litre fuel economy, making it just as affordable to run as the Zoot City. The stylish option of the Zoot Scooter Adelaide range is the Zoot Milan. The Milan’s timeless Italian-inspired design leaves it sitting heads-and-shoulders above the rest in the “looks” department. The Milan has even more features, including a built-in USB device charging port, digital clock, optional carry box, and is approved for two people!


For 15 years, Zoot Scooters Adelaide have produced quality scooters for anyone wanting to make their daily commute more affordable. If any of the scooters from our range interest you, visit our showroom for a test drive.

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