50cc Scooter Gold Coast

Unsure why you should be scouting for a 50cc scooter on the Gold Coast?

There are a few key reasons why people make the move—and never look back.

Firstly, the most obvious reason is financial savings.
Mopeds are incredibly affordable to run, and ours travel roughly 30km per litre. Less fuel emission inevitably means less impact on the environment, so you’d also be lowering your carbon footprint!

Secondly, they’re easy to park and store.
If you’ve experienced the metropolitan lifestyle, you know how expensive, time-consuming and frustrating city parking can be.

Thirdly, the reliability of every product in the Zoot range.
They’re highly efficient with both under-seat storage and the option of extra carry-boxes and have excellent performance track records.

This year, make the smart choice and start looking for a Zoot Scooter to drive around the Gold Coast.

50cc Scooter Brisbane

Which 50cc Scooter Will You Ride on the Gold Coast?

The diversity is one of the pros of looking at a 50cc scooter on the Gold Coast in the Zoot Scooters range. You have a choice of five fantastic scooters that each have their own unique characteristics to suit varied lifestyles. 

For example, if you need something practical that will get you from point A to B, we’d strongly suggest the Zoot City. It has been a hallmark of our brand since the very beginning, and it continually proves its reliability. At an estimation of $7, you get a full tank of petrol that can take you over 200kms. Despite being a 50cc scooter, it’s built with a 2-stroke engine that has plenty of power behind it—but you need nothing more than a standard drivers license. We also have several larger and sportier-looking models that have become increasingly popular as our business has evolved!

Easy To Take Care Of And Maintain.

Once you’ve picked a 50cc scooter for riding on the Gold Coast, you’re set for the long-term. That’s because, unlike some wholesalers, we have extended our offerings to ensure you have access to fast and reliable service and repair work when you need it. 

Like any vehicle, the best way to maintain its performance is to comply with the recommended servicing guidelines. Simple things like tyre pressure and occasionally testing your battery output will not only optimize your riding experience, but it’ll retain the economic value. 

And because we know our own products so well, our diagnostic and problem-solving skills are second to none! We’ll promptly address any issues you encounter while giving you full transparency with estimations and quoting. We have the staff, equipment, and parts on hand to fix your scooter in a short timeframe with 0 stress. Make sure to ask about servicing when scoping out your 50cc scooter for the Gold Coast!


Searching for practicality and style all in one? Look no further than the premium selection at Zoot Scooters. We’re guaranteed to have the scooter that you’ve been searching for! And with no more than a standard license needed, you’re ready to hit to road in no time at all. Shop online now or call (08) 7079 8355 to organise your test ride today.

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